New Month, New Studio, New Milestones (Part II) !!


My latest audiobook is now on sale!! It’s a chilling novel written by L. Marie Wood ( and narrated by yours truly!
Find it here:
and on iTunes
A man, haunted by a family curse, is taken beyond the limits of his sanity to a realm where he has no control over his actions or his fear. James Adams lived a normal life in a New York suburb before the demons dwelling within him awoke from their slumber to reveal unspeakable horror and prophesize his future and his destiny. Crescendo is a novel about fate and the lengths we will travel to avoid the inevitable. Set in tranquil Rockland County, New York, this tale of suspense and horror will take its reader on an emotional roller coaster of anger, anxiety, compassion, and indelible fear.

New Audiobooks Released!

Just a quick note to announce two new audiobooks that have recently been released!  Both titles are written by Kevin Candela (on Facebook here and website) and are part of a larger compilation of short stories titled A Year in the Borderlands.

You can find Imp on and iTunes, and The Ether Bunny as well on and iTunes, and you can find more info on my website’s Audiobooks page.

I’ve also got promotional codes that will let you listen to each of these stories for free!  Contact me via email or through my website’s Contact page for more info.

Have a wonderful day!!!



My Favorites, and what I’m reading and listening to….

(I’m going to try to keep this list up-to-date)

I’ve got so many it’s difficult to pick where to start, but I think I’ll have to start with…

  • The Iron Druid Chronicles, by Kevin Hearne (@KevinHearne) and voiced by the incredibly talented Luke Daniels (@luckylukeekul). My wife and I re-listen to this series probably once every couple years. The stories are so compelling, the characters are so immersive, and the performances by Luke Daniels are unmatched! He is such an amazing talent and he is the inspiration behind my newly found career.
  • The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher (@longshotauthor) and voiced by James Marsters (@JamesMarstersOf). I’ve read through the 16-book series three times (I’m eagerly awaiting book 17) and I’ve recently started listening to the audiobook versions, which truly bring the stories to life! James’ performance of Harry Dresden, Wizard, have provided the inspiration and template for me in voicing the first short story, Imp, from A Year in the Borderlands, by Kevin Candela (on Facebook here and website).
  • The Mitch Rapp series by Vince Flynn. These are some of my all time favorites and are such excellent reads if you’re in to spy thrillers. Vince (RIP) sadly passed away in 2013, but his legacy lives on, most recently in the film American Assassin.
  • The Dewey Andreas series by Ben Coes (@authorbencoes) and voiced by the very talented Peter Hermann (@phscoop). Peter’s gritty performance is the perfect representation of Dewey’s touch-as-nail character and really makes you root for him!
  • Of course several works by Kevin Candela (on Facebook here and website), including Imp, the first short story in A Year in the Borderlands, as well as Playing With Reality, all of which I am voicing the narration for their audiobooks!