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SF Double Feature with Title

From Kevin Candela’s sf/fantasy/horror collection A Year in the Borderlands comes a pair of science-fiction adventures.

In “Lost Horizons Travel Agency”, greedy corporate executive Melvik Joay of the not-too-distant future schemes to alter the past to his advantage by jumping ship when his “historical recreation cruise” takes him back to Borneo in the “ancient” year 1959. In “Suckers”, a modern day horror epic, a hurricane dredges escaped black ops nightmare creatures up from the depths to prey on those trapped in the storm, including hard luck second story man Shake Knightly, who may actually have to become a decent human being if he hopes to survive.

Styled like a classic drive-in double feature, this pair of tales strives to evoke that beloved era and its associated feelgood emotions while still thrilling and frightening those willing to take the rides. Both stories are family-style entertainment with little foul language and virtually no “adult situations” – in other words, sheer all-ages fun.

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Its Only Funny

In 1972, the Red Bozos were the friendliest faces in frenetic Midlands Amusement Park: security personnel, yes, but they were more than that, for lost children seeing one of those garish outfits and the sympathetic smile on the painted face atop it knew they would soon be reunited with their parents. Except once in a while…

Flash forward four and a half decades: Midlands is a ghost park. Closed long ago and nearly forgotten, even by the locals, it sits shrouded in undergrowth and hill-topping forest surrounded by upscale new homes. Ringed with a decaying fence, hidden from sight, it presents a huge temptation to a group of bored, thrill-seeking youths who are about to learn that terror is, in fact, immortal.

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A man, haunted by a family curse, is taken beyond the limits of his sanity to a realm where he has no control over his actions or his fear. James Adams lived a normal life in a New York suburb before the demons dwelling within him awoke from their slumber to reveal unspeakable horror and prophesize his future and his destiny. Crescendo is a novel about fate and the lengths we will travel to avoid the inevitable. Set in tranquil Rockland County, New York, this tale of suspense and horror will take its reader on an emotional roller coaster of anger, anxiety, compassion, and indelible fear.
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Todd Markway’s fate was laid out for him that chilly February 29 when he was born. The Hat Man was coming for him; it was just a matter of time. And no one can stop the Hat Man – no one, that is, but a bunny.

Todd’s spirit guardian has kept him alive, defending him from the most fearsome “shadow being” in the spectral world on Markway’s fourth and eighth birthdays. But the rabbit, Galbey, is gone, and the most critical birthday of all is coming up – Todd’s 12th. And this time, he’s on his own.

Mom is too wrapped up in herself to bother with Todd’s “silly delusions of persecution”. Her boyfriend, Hawk, just drinks, grumbles, and stares at the TV. Todd is on his own against a dread spectral menace bent on his destruction.

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From the writer of Ghost HunterLittle Women with Big Guns, and Krakenstein vs. Koalatron comes an unforgettable excursion into the depths of the unknown. Loaded end to end with chills, this terrifying narrative is loosely based on accounts of encounters with the legendary Pukwudgie, a cryptozoological “myth” originating in Massachusetts’ mysterious Bridgewater Triangle.

Transplanting the action to his familiar Midwestern environs, writer Kevin Candela takes the listener on a hair-raising excursion into a shadowy world that exists in plain sight right beside our own, sending the tale’s narrator deep into a frozen marsh in mid-January in search of the diminutive yet incredibly frightening entity. When he finally discovers the truth, both he – and the listener – will never be the same again.

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How Coyote Brought WinterHow Coyote Brought Winter into the World: An Adaptation of a Traditional Native American Folk Tale, by Gini Graham Scott (on Facebook at Gini Graham Scott, Changemakers Publishing)

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graphic1.pngHow Coyote Became Clever: An Adaptation of a Traditional Native American Folk Tale (Told by the Karok People), by Gini Graham Scott (on Facebook at Gini Graham Scott, Changemakers Publishing)

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Bravo’s Freedom by Samantha K. Riggi (@riggiD59Teach)

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