New Month, New Studio, New Milestones (Part I) !!

Hello all!

I hope life is treating you well.  For my part, April was a fantastic and very exciting month!  I finished another audiobook that has just been released, I recorded my commercial demo to be used for my voice over work, and, I upgraded my home studio!

Let’s talk about that last one first…


When I began this new journey only a few months ago, I converted my home office to a part-time home recording studio, hanging moving blankets around the space to provide some noise damping.  It was a very usable, workable space that provided decent acoustics for my work.


However, what the space did not provide was any isolation from external noises.  Once I started recording, what I perceived to be my very quiet neighborhood was anything but.  The background noise that exists is barely noticeable when you’re relaxing at home or sitting outside on your patio.  But when your work depends upon a certain level of silence, that same background noise can be quite intrusive.  Add to that the regular passing of trains, of planes overhead, of cars driving past your house, of children playing across the street, and my new level of awareness to these extraneous noises attained a new level.  I quickly realized that I needed isolation from the sounds of everyday life if I was going to be efficient, effective and successful in my home-based recording efforts.  Thus began my search for a solution to provide an reliable and consistent environment for my work.

I researched a few different options, from building a custom recording studio in a spare closet, to refitting my current office with more sound isolation, to the various options for dedicated recording booths.  I eventually settled on the third option, recording booths, as that seemed to be the least labor-intensive option with the highest odds for success.  As I quickly found, there are many options available for home recording booths, from many reputable companies, but the name I heard recommended more than any others was Studiobricks.  Based in Barcelona, Spain, Studiobricks offers a uniquely modular design in their recording booths, allowing the user to relatively quickly disassemble and reassemble their booth while maintaining the integrity of the space.  Convinced that this was the best option for me, I put in my order on February 14!

Miguel Donoso-Cortes is the US rep for Studiobricks, based in the New York area.  He was extremely helpful throughout the entire process, from answering my initial questions to providing the quote and keeping me updated on the status of my order.  Typically quoted 6 to 9 weeks from order to delivery, my booth was delivered on April 17th, which was, admittedly, a LONG wait, but, as it turned out, completely worth it!


Next came the task of hauling the quite substantial modular sections of the booth from driveway to second floor guest room.  These sections are HEAVY (ESPECIALLY that door), but once assembled, this booth is solid!  After about 4 hours of assembly, with the help of my indentured serv—uh, I mean, son–and following the fairly well-documented instructions (which you really don’t need once you get started, as it is pretty well laid out and intuitive) I had my booth!  Another few days of playing with the layout and setting up the monitor and desk and I was ready to record!


My first few minutes of booth time validated the cost and time of this investment:  I was in the booth setting up the desk with the door closed.  Once finished I opened the door to leave and was immediately bombarded with the noises of my neighborhood:  birds chirping, a train passing through town and my neighbor mowing her lawn.  All of these noises were all but completely isolated from within my booth.  I was–and continue to be–a very satisfied customer!




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